JR Smith Costs Cavs Game 1

jr smith

I told myself before the series that I wouldn’t post after every game, but after last nights performance, I felt it was only right to vent about that epic performance. As you all should know by now, I have an epic hard on for LeBron James, and last nights performance was just another reason why. The King dropped 51/8/8 against the best team in the league.

The Cavaliers did everything right last night until the last four seconds. They rebounded, played at their pace, and were able to keep the game close. That largest lead for the Warriors didn’t come until overtime. Kevin Love had 21 points in his return and the bench combined for 24 points. Ty Lue had to have been happy about those numbers.

Late in the fourth quarter, things got questionable. There was the block call on LeBron that had to be reviewed and what seemed like it took forever for the refs to make their mind, and then there was the play that will go down in infamy. With the game tied and just over four seconds, George Hill stepped up the free throw line for his second attempt. Missing short, JR grabbed the rebound and proceeded to dribble the ball out, running down the clock. Mental collapse, it happens right? Not to a 10 year vet in game one of the NBA Finals! Now while George Hill will not get the blame for missing the free throw, the refs should get some blame for missing a blatant lane violation on Draymond Green. Pretty clear is you ask me….

Am I sour because the Cavs lost? Absolutely. Does Draymond Green piss me off because he is a piece of shit? Absolutely. Ty Lue should take a note from the Chuck Daly playbook and dress Kendrick Perkins and let him get his six fouls in, all on Draymond.

The last event that really put me in a tizzy was during LeBron’s post game interview.

How the fuck is LeBron James supposed to know what is going on his JR Smith’s head? ESPN reporter Mark Schwartz asked the question in a different way 5 different times. Cmon Mark, do your damn job. And since Mark is a pussy and doesn’t have a twitter account, he still got roasted.

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The Den’s 2018 NBA Finals Preview; Part IV


Here we are again. The Cavaliers and the Warriors in another NBA Finals. Is it boring? To some it may be. To basketball junkies, this is awesome. Let’s be honest. The chances of Cleveland capturing another title is pretty slim, but we get to watch LeBron James on the ultimate stage. So what if he falls to 3-6 all time in the NBA Finals. How many people actually thought he would return for a fourth straight season with this roster? Love him or hate him, The King is the best basketball player in the last 20 seasons. Yes, I said it. He was, is, and always will be better than Kobe Bryant. We are truly witnessing greatness.

Enough of me jerking off over LeBron. While LeBron may be the best and most dominant player of the last 20 seasons, the Warriors are on pace to be the most dominant team since the Bulls in the early and mid 90’s. Yes, better than the Kobe and Shaq Lakers, better than the Duncan Spurs., better than the trio in Miami. If you took one of the three stars away, this team would still produce. They all know it. Heck, Klay Thompson is willing to take a pay cut to keep the squad together because he knows how damn good this team is. The only way the Cavs have a chance of winning this, is if two of the big three from Golden State go down.

Cleveland will win one game in this series, maybe two. Role players such as JR and Korver will have to step up one night and put the ball through the hoop a bunch of times. Other than that it will be back to back and three out of the last four for Golden State. So please, do us all a favor and enjoy the basketball on display. Appreciate LeBron James, and don’t try to compare him against Jordan. Sit back, relax, have a cold one or two, and witness greatness.

Warriors in 5.

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Gender Reveals Gone Wrong


It’s been awhile since we have done a FOTW (Fail Of The Week). This past week we were blessed with a series of fails. Gender reveals have become a thing over the past two years or so. Hitting a softball/baseball, kicking a football, or spinning your tires. Couples are trying to become more and more creative and outdo the last youtube video sensation. Over the past week or so, three guys have made complete fools of themselves with their gender reveal videos. They have lost their man card, any athletic ability they may claim to have, and will forever be remembered by these videos.

The guy below looks the most athletic out of all three. I want to give him a pass due to the high pitch, but being a gender reveal, you really have to swing at anything. This is a hit and run type situation and you got to put the bat on the ball. Do anything.

The slo-mo add to the video, and the fact the ball explodes on someones head. Got to be ready at all times.

I feel bad for this guy. It looks like him and his family are about to walk into a game at Wrigley and instead his wife embarrasses him in front of thousands of people.

The worst part of this one is his much this guy choked up. You are shining a waffle ball bat. Could have used those extra 2-3 inches on the bat to make contact.

The video below is the worst of the three. Dad ready to go, has the batting gloves and the shades on. Who the fuck does he think he is? A-Rod?

How about all those softballs behind him at the fence. How many swings and misses did this guy have? This is clearly the worst of all three, and he should no longer be able to partake in any sporting activities. Got to feel bad for his daughters.


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D3 Pitcher Throws Up And Saves Game

The word grit has been thrown around loosely ever since the guys over at Pardon My Take made it popular once again. This player has so much grit yada yada yada. I had to look up the true definition of grit to truly understand what it means, so that I could use it correctly.

Grit (Noun)Perseverance is the steadfast pursuit of a task, mission, or journey in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or distraction.

You want to talk about grit? Nick Bosma has fucking grit. The Junior righty closer entered the 9th with a 2 run lead. What happened next is truly remarkable.

Matt Harvey would have pulled himself immediately. CC Sabathia would have asked for another box of cereal. Maybe only Tyler Bauer would have attempted what Nick Bosma did. Give this man a god damn medal. Best of luck to Bosma and the Rhodes Lynx as they compete in the Central Regional.

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Who Is To Blame Here?

The college baseball regular season is winding down and things are heating up as we get closer to conference tourney time. Emotions are high, strike zones are getting tighter, and the balls are flying just a little bit farther with the warmer weather.
In Big10 action, Nebraska and Indiana were battling in game one of their 3 game set when Angelo Altavilla went ya ya to secure the W for the Huskers.

That catcher got up REAL quick. Sure the hitter admired his work but I said it when Jose Bautista took Sam Dyson deep. If you do not want to give up pimp jobs, don’t throw the ball down the middle of the plate. The catcher set up outside, and the pitcher laid a fastball in any lefties sweet spot. You deserve to look bad. It blows my mind how often pitchers miss their locations. As a former D3 stud at SUNY Brockport, my last 100+ pitches were all fastballs, and each one painted the black and hit catchers glove.
So who is the bad guy here? Darin Erstad for pulling his hitter for admiring his shot? Angelo Altavilla for admiring his work? Or some scrub pitcher who can’t hit his spot?
And for all you Buffalo Bisons fans, here is one of the all time pimp jobs….

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Celtics Handle Their Business At Home


What the fuck? Did anyone else see this coming? I predicted Cavs in 6. It might now be Celtics in 5. The Celtics have handled their business at TD Garden taking a commanding 2-0 series lead. Teams have a 94% chance of winning the series after going up 2-0. That pretty much means it is a wrap.

I caught the last quarter at the gym and wondered how the Cavs kept it so close. LeBron wasn’t trying on defense, JR Smith couldn’t hit a shot, Rodney Hood was playing important minutes, and Kyle Korver couldn’t get a clean look whatsoever. One of my two beefs with LeBron is his effort on defense, especially when he thinks he gets fouled, and or his team is down. He gets his shot blocked, looks into the crowd, fixes his bands on his wrists, and jaws at the ref. Meanwhile, the Celtics are pushing a 5 on 4, 5 on 3, and that leads to an easy bucket. There were some key possessions down the stretch where LeBron didn’t touch the ball, and when he did, he was checking up 35 footers with 6 seconds left on the shot clock.

JR Smith couldn’t shake a defender if his life depended on it, Rodney Hood was out their in the fourth quarter, and George Hill was way off on wide open threes from the corner. If all that is not a sign for LeBron to get out of Cleveland after the season, then who knows. Tyrone Lue is the worst coach remaining in the playoffs. Heck, he might be the worst coach of all the 16 teams in the playoffs, yes even worse than Dwane Casey. How does LeBron start the fourth quarter on the bench? Season on the line and you need a rest? Get the fuck up and play.

I am already looking forward to the Celtics and Warriors matchup in the Finals. With the depth and athleticism on the Celtics bench, they could give the Warriors a series. It sucks that Kyrie and Hayward are not playing. Oh well.

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NBA Eastern Conference Finals Preview


Photo courtesy of nba.nbcsports.com

It is the matchup we all hoped for, but not exactly how we wanted it. The Celtics and the Cavaliers meet again in the Eastern Conference Finals, this time with different rosters. On the morning of October 17th, NBA fanatics were excited to see the new look Celtics with the additions of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward take on LeBron and the Cavs. It was a preview for ECF, but we all know how that played out. Hayward goes down and is out for the season, and a couple of months later, Kyrie’s knee forced him to miss the playoffs as well. Sometimes you completely forget about Isaiah Thomas.

With revamped rosters, and young up and comers making a name for themselves, this ECF should not disappoint. LeBron is chasing his 8th consecutive Finals appearance, and Brad Stevens is out to prove that he truly is the Coach of the Year. Is it going to be the savvy Vets of the Cavs, or the young bucks from the Celtics? We all know LeBron is on a mission. His game has done the talking as he has performed in every game during the playoffs, including two game winners at the buzzer. Who on the Celtics will be able to stop him? Al Horford and Marcus Morris have the size to bang, but won’t be able to slide with the King. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have the athleticism, but LBJ will just post them up. How do you defend that? Brad Stevens will come up with a  game plan.

Will the supporting cast show up this series? They did not against the Pacers, but did against the Raptors. JR Smith, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, Tristian Thompson, all need to produce in order to help LeBron. For the Celtics, it has been the pick and roll of Terry Rozier and Horford that has led to great success. Scary Terry put Eric Bledsoe in a body bag and has been balling out ever since. Rookie Jayson Tatum is making the 76ers look bad for trading up to take Markelle Fultz first overall. Tatum has 7 consecutive games of 20+ points while Fultz had 5 straight DNP for the 76ers.

Cavaliers in 6.

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