Douchebag Move for RJ Hampton To Keep His Decision Quiet For A Month

So instead of coming public and telling the world he was going to play overseas in New Zealand, he kept colleges on wait for him to make his decision. In the meantime, these schools could have gone out and recruited elsewhere. But looking at it now, college players had the option until last night, 5/29, to withdraw their name from the NBA draft and go back to school. The NBA/NCAA should change that rule because it prevents colleges from recruiting and offering scholarships.

End rant.

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Somebody Let KD Log On To Twitter

Love waking up to this type of shit. The morning buzz on Get Up, First Take, and Undisputed. Which side are you on? I can see it from both perspectives, but Broussard might be on to something.

The Warriors just swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals without KD. Other players have stepped up in more meaningful minutes, and the three other stars on the team, Steph, Klay, and Dray have all had a major impact. We saw a great teaching/leadership moment in game 3 when Jordan Bell missed a wide open dunk and it was Dray right there to talk to him on the other side of the floor. The ball just seems to flow better than KD is not on the floor. Not as much one on one. You have Klay and Steph flying around the floor, running off screens and getting open shots. It would have been interesting to see the Warriors play a full series against the Rockets with KD, but maybe next year.

If the Bucks make it out of the East, who is going to check Giannis. KD would have started on him, and Iguodala would have seen some minutes, maybe even Livingston, but with KD and Iggy questionable for the Finals, now what?

So much can be discussed over this topic. Oh KD had to join a super team in order to win his first ring. But the same could be said about LeBron when he jumped ship to Miami. Some could even say that LeBron was not even the best player fore the Cavs the year they one their first championship.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this all plays out, where KD lands next year, and in 10-15 years when KD is out of the league, where people will put him on their list.

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Meet College Softball’s Most Electric Player

Miranda Elish, a pitcher for the Texas Longhorn’s women’s softball team, helped her squad advance to the Super Regionals, winning all four games over the weekend, which equals to 429 pitches in 90 degree plus weather. The former Oregon Duck is making a name for herself late in this season as a bad ass in the circle. With all the bat flips taking place in baseball, Elish might be paving the way for pitchers in both sports on how to act on the rubber.

I need this girl on my wiffle ball team ASAP. She strikes bitches out and looks good doing it as well.

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Another Manning Prodigy

People claim that Peyton and Eli Manning are both hall of famers. Questionable statement, but I will let it slide. Sure Peyton put up great numbers, but those two Super Bowl rings are a fraud. He beat Rex Grossman in a rainy Super Bowl XLI, and the Broncos defense did all the work in Super Bowl L. Eli doesn’t have quite the numbers as his brother, but he has the same amount of Super Bowl victories, and both just so happen to be against the Patriots and Tom Brady, including stopping the streak back in Super Bowl XLII.

Well times are a changing, and there is another Manning making waves in the media. Arch Manning, the oldest son of the third Manning brother, Cooper, made his varsity debut in his schools scrimmage on Friday night. No big deal right? Right? Welp the quarterback is only in 8th grade! Hello David Siles Jr.

Imagine being an upper class man and thinking this is going to be your year. You are going to be the starting quarterback and scoring all the pussy. Instead you are riding pine and watching an 8th grader lead your school to the promise land. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

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‘Old Town Road’ Music Video Is Fucking Fire

No wonder it took so long to come out after the song dropped. This shit is epic gold. Chris Rock? Five minutes of greatness. No doubt in my mind this will hit the 500 million view mark. Enjoy this as you slave away at your desk this Friday afternoon!

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What The Fuck ESPN?

A lot of issues recently with ESPN, but holy shit, are they just reaching for ratings by airing Max Kellerman look like a complete fool on First Take this morning.

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Is Baseball Becoming Fun Again?

The games are to long. The balls are juiced. Players are taking steroids. Those are just some of the reasons why fans today, both young and old, do not enjoy watching baseball. Well folks, times might be a changing.

It all started when Chicago White Sox short stop took the twitter world by storm with an ipec bat flip that made the old timers upset, and got us young bucks excited that somebody was playing with emotion. For me, there was no better feeling than striking a kid out and telling him to sit the fuck down.

Now Trevor Bauer has always been a strange cat. From his warm up routine, to his infatuation with drones, the guy knows how to piss some people off. However, the former UCLA stud knows what he is doing when it comes to social media. The White Sox and Indians kicked off a series on Monday and Bauer sent a tweet to Anderson. Below is the interaction.

This. This is what baseball needs! But wait, there is more! Last night, the Mets were in San Diego for a match up, and Padres rookie right hander Chris Paddack was on the bump. Before the game, Paddack made comments directed towards Mets rookie first baseman Peter Alonso who won the NL Rookie of the Month for April.

From the New York Daily News:

“He’s a great player, no doubt,” Paddack said of Alonso. “Does he deserve (the Rookie of the Month honor)? Absolutely. But I’m coming for him. We’ll see Monday who the top dog is. That’s something I’m looking forward to, for sure.

“And I’m not saying that in a cocky way. I’m saying that because I know what I want, just like I’m sure he knows what he wants. It’ll be a fun little matchup.”

Fuck yes! Paddack went 7 2/3 innings, allowing just four hits and striking out 11, two of those being Alonso. I knew nothing about this young right hander before the start of the season, but his stuff is electric and every start seems to now be must watch.

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