What An Idiot!

Alright so this video is from 2014, but with the recent weather in Buffalo, I felt this was necessary to post.

“It’s the perfect texture for tuning. Very low impact and its dry snow, so your feet don’t get wet”. And Oooooops. Hope you didn’t break your tailbone you idiot. Stick to the treadmill hunny.

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Road To 200…

I have been telling myself for the past couple of weeks that I need to start going to the gym again. I keep telling myself I don’t want to be that fat dad that can’t play with their kids. That just can’t happen. As a former D3 baseball superstar, I have a reputation that I need to keep up. I was quite the athlete back in the day. I could throw a pigskin 60+ yards, make it rain from beyond the arc, put a wrist shot anywhere on the net, and obviously could strike anyone out from the mound. So this morning, I got my fat ass up from the couch and went to the gym. And damn did it feel good.

I stepped on the scale first thing and wasn’t shocked. I actually thought my weight would be a little bit higher. But now it is go time. It’s time to create habits, going to the gym, eating right, and taking care of my body. I need to do this for myself. I have so much motivation, I need to grind and get after it. Like I said, I need to create a habit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Three weeks. It can’t be that hard. It’s all on me now. So if you just so happen to read this, I apologize for boring you, but I need this reminder that I need to do something with my life, for my family, and most importantly for my daughter.

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Buffalo Hockey Is Making A Name For Itself

Things can’t get much worse for the sport of hockey in the city of Buffalo. First it was Andrew Peters assaulting a 15 year old, then it was Erie Community College freshman hockey player Brandon Day, and now the Sabres have dropped three in a row, including back to back games coming off their bye week. They lost last night to the Yotes after taking a 2-0 lead into the third period. For not being a huge hockey guy, this definitely does not make me want to watch hockey anytime soon.

We already discussed the Andrew Peters incident from Saturday evening. You can read about it right here. That piece of shit has already been suspended indefinitely from his coaching duties, and not sure what WGR is doing because I do not listen to that garbage. Yesterday afternoon, it was the NJCAA DIII national championship hockey game in Central New York. One of my college alma mater’s Erie Community College was partaking in the championship event, when down by 3 goals with under a minute to play, Brandon Day decided to be an asshole.

I am embarrassed to call myself a Kat. This selfish act by one ruins it for all his teammates. Fuck you Brandon Day.

Oh, and then there is the Sabres. The NHL is my least favorite sport, so I will not ramble on here, but it is time to sell. The Sabres are 7 points back with 20 games remaining. Do they have a chance? Probably, but it has to be less than 5%. The Sabres suck. Changes need to be made. Yes, I am talking to you Terry. Figure this shit out quick before all of Buffalo hates you.


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Is It Acceptable For A Coach To Shove/Punch An Opposing Player?

I woke up early as usual to feed the baby and did my routine. Turn on ESPN, see if there are any good motivational posts on Instagram and then scroll twitter. Well there was a tweet that caught my attention courtesy of @fromthe300level.

Oh Andrew Peters. What are you doing? Now whether you want to call this a shove, or a punch, or whatever, this is completely unacceptable.  I coached a youth basketball team a couple of years ago, 7th and 8th graders. Did I swear at the kids? Yes, which ultimately led to my retiring from coaching. I will be making a comeback soon. But did I ever touch one of my players inappropriately? Oh hell no.

Andrew Peters was an enforcer during his career, and even is on a show called The Instigators (@TheInstigators) on MSG and WGR, which I am sure many people could care less for. It will be interesting to see how the Jr. Sabres, WGR, and Time Warner handle this situation.

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I Don’t Even Like Hockey But This Goal Is Impressive

Definitely have no idea who Jonathan Drouin is, but this goal is impressive. Has to be up for top 3 goals of the year already. Overtime winner. Yep.

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Boogie Cousins Is On The Move


Wow. Wow. Wow. After what some could call a boring weekend of NBA All Star action, Vlade Divac made it very interesting. According to the greatest source in NBA history in Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings have agreed to trade their franchise center piece and big man DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans. Does it suck to get traded? Probably. Especially after you just told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN that you plan on signing an extension over the summer, and wanting your legacy to end in Sacramento. Here is the link to that exact video which was posted just three days ago on February 17th. What is even worse is how Boogie found out.

The fuck? What in hell is Vlade Divac and Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé doing? This man just said he wants to stay in Sacramento and retire a King. Sure he may rack up the technicals, get suspended a couple of games a year, and pay hundreds of thousands in fines, but he is the only reason people show up to Golden 1 Center. This team is falling bad. We all know Seattle wants an NBA franchise. Maybe they can take the Kings in.

What does this mean for the Pelicans? For being just two and a half games back of the 8th seed, the playoffs now look like a reality. With the addition of Cousins, the Pelicans now have a legit front court with All-Star game MVP Anthony Davis. It is a Kentucky reunion. Does Tom Benson and the rest of the New Orleans front office dare make the call to John Calipari, who once coached in the NBA? Make it happen Tom!

The Pelicans twitter account definitely won the weekend with this tweet late Sunday evening.

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Enes Kanter Needs To Know His Role

Last night was a special evening on Oklahoma City. It was a night for Thunder fans to move on from the drama over the summer when Kevin Durant bounced for the Bay to join the Golden State Warriors. It was the first game back for KD in the city that some may say raised him and his family. Oklahoma City was a potential NBA champion, but could never get over the hump. You can’t blame the MVP for joining a new power three (four if you count Draymond Green).

It was bound to happen. You know Russell Westbrook and Durant would have words. Heck, even Andre Roberson got involved. Late in the third quarter, Russ and KD had some words after a timeout as they walked to their respective benches. Awesome! This is what the crowd wanted to see. But for some reason, Enes Kanter felt that he needed to get involved and walked towards center court to chime in with his Thunder teammate.

Enes Kanter needs to back the fuck up. The ass clown was wearing a suit, and if you don’t remember, was the idiot who fractured his right arm after punching a seat. Hey Enes, understand the moment and know when it is your time to shine. This matchup was and will always be about Russ and KD until they call it a career.

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