Tyree Jackson Declares For NFL Draft

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Blessed beyond measure! 🙏🏽

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Welp, there you have it. University at Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson has entered his name into the 2019 NFL draft. Congrats on doing what many of us will never ever achieve. I will give you props for that. I understand you are chasing the money. Who can blame you for that? But are you really ready?

According to Mel Kiper’s big board, Jackson does not even crack the top 10 when it quarterbacks. Now we all know Kiper isn’t the end all be all when it comes to draft stock, but to not even be in the top 10. Makes you scratch your head.  Jackson had the option to transfer to another school and not have to sit out. He could have gone to Auburn, Miami, Duke, Washington State, Michigan State, Penn State, all schools in the Power 5 conferences.

But how would Jackson have handled the pressure and the competition at a big time football program. Everyone loves Jackson’s stature, 6’7″ 245 lbs, and his arm strength, and his ability to run. But what happened in the final four games when the Bulls dropped 3 of 4, including the MAC championship and the Dollar General Bowl Game? Jackson completed 53% of his passes, threw for 793 yards (198.25 per game), and threw the same amount of interceptions as he did touchdowns in four.

Jackson’s name will most likely get called on Saturday or Sunday, and fans will celebrate, but to think what he could have done if he stayed another year at UB with the running game they will return.

Farewell Tyree Jackson. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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LeBron Calls Himself The GOAT

Well there you have it, the video that sent Twitter in a buzz.  LeBron declares himself as the greatest of all time. Now LBJ is a top 5 player of all time, but to call himself the greatest of all time is a stretch. Sure the Cavaliers beat a team that only lost 9 games and set the best regular season record of all time, but if I remember correctly, Kyrie Irving had a lot to do with the Cavaliers final three wins, including two in Oakland.

Of course Skip Bayless had something to say about this topic.

I didn’t know the Warriors were overrated. They were clearly the better team. Sure the Cavs had Kevin Love, but what did he really bring to the table? Nowhere near the player he was in Minnesota.

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Is UB versus Canisius a basketball rivalry?

On Saturday evening, the now ranked #20 UB Bulls drove down Main street to the Koessler Athletic Center to take on the Canisius Golden Griffins. After a slow start, the Bulls pulled away and won 87-72 to improve their overall record to 12-1, while the Griffs fall to 3-8. After the game, Bulls head coach Nate Oats stepped up to the mic and stated facts.

A rivalry? Please. The Canisius fan base might see this match up as a rivalry, but UB has moved on to bigger and better things. UB wants Syracuse every year, and their 35,000 fans, compared to a high school gymnasium. The higher ups at the University at Buffalo have done what the Jesuits from Canisius have not. They have invested money into the right places. Three NCAA tourneys in the last four seasons. Bobby Hurley, Nate Oats, Danny White, Allen Greene, and recently appointed Mark Alnutt. UB has just started to move the needle, while Canisius falls behind further and further.

If Canisius and Stu Boyar want to make this match up a rivalry, Canisius has some work to do, including getting rid of Reggie Witherspoon. UB learned the hard way, and made the best decision.

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Immediate Reactions Following CFP Semifinals


Not exactly the outcomes we were looking for if you are just a casual college football fan, looking for some good games. So let’s get right into it with my immediate reactions following todays performances.

  1. Notre Dame football should never, ever, ever, ever be allowed to participate in the College Football Playoffs until they join a football conference. Enough with the independent bullshit. Look at the other three programs that made the playoffs. One thing they all have in common was they have an elite level quarterback. Notre Dame has not had an elite level quarterback since, um, Tony Rice? Ya, more than 98% of you mother fuckers don’t even know who that is. And, please don’t tell me Brady Quinn was elite. It is disgusting how many bandwagon Notre Dame fans there are. I was at a family party for this game and at least 10 people we wearing Irish gear. No doubt, none of those 10 fake fans could name 5 players on their current roster. Fraud program, fraud fans, fraud everything.
  2. Oklahoma may have lost to Alabama, but outside of Georgia and Clemson, who else would have made it somewhat interesting. Obviously putting yourself in a 28-0 hole never helps, but Kyler Murray and squad never gave up. For being the worst red zone defense in ALL of college football, they made it somewhat interesting. If only they could have produced one or two more stops, Kyler could have given us something better, maybe even overtime.
  3. The committee is absolutely kicking themselves for not putting Georgia in the top four. We all know who should have got the boot (reread my number one point). Losing last years Natty Championship in overtime to Bama, and then again in the SEC championship to Bama, Georgia showed the entire country that they are a top four team. FYI, they have an elite quarterback in Jake Fromm. Maybe next year for Kirby Smart and company.
  4. Keep this one short and sweet, but UCF would have been dominated against either Clemson and Alabama. End of story.


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UB Football Is A Fraud Program

I have said it all season, and you better believe I will say it again. The University of Buffalo football program is a fraud.  Up 29-10 in the 3rd quarter, the Bulls found a way to blow it losing 30-29 in the MAC Championship. The loss brings UB’s opponents overall record to 63-82. The tweets below really say it all.

One twitter follower attacked me saying, “Oh but wait, UB produced Khalil Mack”. False. Khalil Mack produced Khalil Mack. He would have performed at any school he attended, and would have been a first round pick as well.

So now, they are building an indoor practice facility for a program that can’t win the big one instead of dumping more money into the basketball program, and a new arena, and are missing out on D1 hockey and lacrosse. Let us not forget the fact that baseball, men’s and women’s swimming, and men’s soccer all got the can because of this football program.


P.S. Remember when UB lost to a 1-AA program? I do.


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Carmelo Anthony Is Ass


Reports came out yesterday that Carmelo Anthony and the Houston Rockets brass were going to meet to discuss his role with the contenders. Not sure why a meeting was even necessary. The former Syracuse stud is at best a 6th man or role player off the bench. Noticed on how I said former stud.

Today, the report has come out that Anthony has been informed that his time with the Rockets will soon be coming to an end. I have said this for many years that Carmelo is an awful basketball players. Sure he filled up the box score when he was in Denver and early on during his time with the Knicks, but last year we finally saw the demise and downfall of the former beloved Syracuse freshman phenom.

There may be some NBA heads who still believe in Carmelo, and we all know every Syracuse fan still believes in him, but let’s be a realist and call it like it is. Carmelo Anthony is done. He is a selfish player who needs to get his, but can’t create his own shot like he once used to. He needs players like Westbrook, and CP3, and Harden to create opportunities for him. Swallow your damn pride and average 10-12 points a game and win a ring instead of being a pre Madonna and ruining your image.

If you disagree with my stance, come at me @therebound_king. You won’t win.

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Denny Douds Is a Selfish Old Man Who Quit On His Players

So I know I am pretty late to the game with this post, but I came across it last weekend and was pretty busy during the week, so figured I would rant about it now while I sink into my couch watching college football for 12 straight hours.

East Stroudsburg is a division 2 school in Monroe County Pennsylvania with a student population of around 6,300 students. Longtime football coach Denny Douds pulled one of the most disrespectful stunts we have seen on the football field in sometime. Douds had been the head coach at ESU for 45 years, accumulating an all time record of 264-204-3, including losing records the last three seasons. With his team losing and with a record of 1-7, Douds pulled the pussiest football move this side of the Mississippi. I will let you watch below….

The fuck? You are going to walk out on your players with time still on the clock, let alone games still left on the schedule? What a selfish old man. Such a coward thing to do. Denny Douds deserves to rot in hell. Whatever respect his players had for him I hope left, as soon as he walked off the field.

That’s it. That is all I got. If you ever come across Denny Douds, make sure you give him a “fuck you” from Pigskin Pete.

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