Are You Buying The Limit On Mound Visits?

Because Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras is not, and he is not the only one. The new rule came out on Monday, with a limit of six meetings in the first nine innings. Each team will be granted an additional visit per inning after that. The early buzz is that umpires have the ability to eject players if they exceed the mound visit limit. Contreras gives no fucks about the rule,

“I don’t even care,” Contreras said Tuesday afternoon. “If I have to go [out there] again and pay the price for my team I will.”

“What about a tight game or an extra-inning game and you have to go out there?” he asked rhetorically. “They cannot say anything about that. That’s my team. If they are going to fine me for mound visit No. 7, I’ll pay the price.”

Houston Astros young right hander Lance McCullers Jr. took to twitter to express his feelings on the new rule.

Lance is pretty infamous for his mound visits and his pace of play.

At the end of the day, I understand where the players are coming from, especially the pitchers. Baseball is a historical game. The fans know what they are getting into when they pay $300 for a ticket. The game might take 3-4 hours, and if you are not fine with that, please go spend your money elsewhere. You can’t rush baseball. There is no “no-huddle” inning where pitchers get the ball from the catcher and immediately fire a pitch. Baseball is like a game of chess. Much strategy is involved. If you can’t enjoy that from the stands, then you need to find a new hobby.

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The Buffalo Sabres Fucking Suck

The title says it all. That could be a post all by itself. I don’t like hockey, and the Sabres are doing a really good job at making sure I never ever become a fan. I know franchises have their droughts such as the Cleveland Browns, but this is bad. “Oh but Jack Eichel is injured”. News flash, the Sabres sucked ass even when Jack Eichel was in the lineup. News flash, Jack Eichel is not the savior. News flash, Jack Eichel is not going to win a Stanley Cup in Buffalo.

The Sabres were down 4-0 to the Los Angeles Kings. Buffalo scored two goals in the third period but that was it. Pretty sure their was a goalie change, because I read this tweet.

And then I saw this tweet and nearly lost it.

This was the after the Sabres first goal of the game after already being down 4-0. Marco Scandella should be cut immediately. Whatever intern tweeted this out should be fired immediately, and the fat fuck in the white jersey who stood up and pounded on the glass should have his man card revoked and never allowed in to Key Bank Arena again.

Lets read some of the post game tweets….

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Who The Fuck Is Dan Straily?


ESPN – While Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich were happy to be traded by the Miami Marlins, right-hander Dan Straily says he wants to be a cornerstone of the team’s rebuilding plan.

And that’s not all.

“I’m glad they’re gone,” Straily said Friday. “If they don’t want to be here, good for them.

Bold words for a man who has played on six different major league ball teams in six seasons. Bold words for a pitcher with a 4.25 career ERA. Bold words for a righty who has given up 31 home runs the past two seasons. Bold words for any current pitcher on the Marlins staff.

Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich aren’t in that lineup. They aren’t going to help produce runs when you give up a 6 spot in the first on opening day. If Dan Starily wants to be one of the cornerstone’s for this Marlins rebuilding plan, he should keep his mouth shut and pitch his ass off.

After the conclusion of the 2017 season, where the Marlins finished 77-85, Stanton made comments about the pitching staff, voicing his frustration about a rotation that had the fifth worst ERA in baseball. Can’t blame the man. The reigning NL MVP award winner was one of the few reasons why people even attended a Marlins game. All the other reasons have been dealt away as well. Marcell Ozuna. Dee Gordon. The list goes on.

Best of luck to Dan Straily and the rebuild.

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Jennifer Aniston Is About To Be Single Again


USA Today – Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have split up.

The Hollywood couple announced their separation Thursday in a joint statement that Aniston’s representative, Stephen Huvane, shared with USA TODAY.

“This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship,” the statement reads. “Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.”

What is worse? I have no clue who Justin Theroux is, or Aniston is my second favorite celebrity chick behind Jessica Biel.

Not sure what sold it for me with Aniston. It might have been the scene from “The Break Up” where she walks into the kitchen naked and grabs a drink and walks back. Not a bad bod.

Or was it this one?

Regardless, I have no chance but a man can always dream.

Who will be the next celeb to date Jennifer? The 49 year old is still looking sexy as hell and will have no problem finding a new beau.

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Jared Dudley Should Just Retire


Milwaukee Bucks’ Jared Dudley celebrates after Game 4 of an NBA basketball first-round playoff series against the Chicago Bulls Saturday, April 25, 2015, in Milwaukee. ORG XMIT: WIAG1

Been a rough couple of weeks for Jared Dudley. The former Boston College standout has enjoyed a 12 year career in the Association playing for five NBA franchises. The current Phoenix Sun has been in the media recently and for all the wrong reasons.

It first started when the Suns took on the Knicks a couple of weeks ago and Knicks big man Enes Kanter and Devin Booker of the Suns got into it on the court, and off the court as well. Dudley decided he had to chime in, and Kanter dropped the mic on everyone.

And then this….

Retirement body? Can you come back from that? Dudley tried….

The Suns and the Warriors played a couple of days ago, and Golden State head coach Steve Kerr felt like taking the night off so he let his players coach. Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry drew up some plays. Javale McGee ran through the team video session in the morning, and it may have been the best medicine for the Warriors who were sliding just a tad. The Warriors went on to win by 46, and post game, many Suns players felt they were disrespected by Steve Kerr allowing his players to coach?

Disrespected? You all felt disrespected? How about the Suns fans who continue to show up every night to cheer you pathetic losers on. Of course Dudley was one of the players who voiced his opinion. If you don’t want to be disrespected, how about you play a little bit harder, don’t lose by 46, and if you really want to send a message, put a player or two on their ass.

Time for Dudley to move on and maybe join a broadcasting booth, or something, but just get out of the league.


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Super Quick Super Bowl LII Preview


Kick off is just under an hour and a half a way and I am winging a quick preview for the biggest game of the year. No numbers, no stats, just cold hard facts and opinions. Pink has been battling the flu but is still expected to be ready to sing the National Anthem. Hopefully she doesn’t disappoint. The flu this year is nothing to mess with. And Mr. Justin Timberlake himself is performing at halftime. Rumor has it there will be a Prince holograph as well, since the man was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On to the game. The Patriots have been the best team in football the past 15 years. This is Tom Brady’s eighth Super Bowl. The MVP is looking for his sixth ring which will give him the most rings in NFL history, and cement his legacy as the greatest quarterback EVER. Anyone who still thinks Peyton Manning is better than TB12 is a complete idiot. Brady makes all his weapons 10x better, and while it is unfortunate Julian Edelman has missed most of the season, Rob Gronkowski passed concussion protocol, will dress, and have an impact in today’s game.

For the Eagles, it’s backup quarterback Nick Foles leading the charge. Offensively, the Eagles match up nicely with their own weapons. Jay Ajayi, and LeGarrette Blount are lightning and thunder in the backfield. On the outside Foles has Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffrey, and Nelson Agholor. Defensively, under former Bills DC Jim Schwartz, this team is a ball hawk. They can create pressure up front with their front four and the secondary flies to the ball.

All five Patriots Super Bowl victories have been close games. Don’t expect this one to be much different. It may be a field goal that decides the game winner. Yes, special teams may decide this one.

For my prediction, I am taking the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Call me a traitor or an idiot for pulling for the Pats, but this is Tom Brady. This is the greatest NFL player of my era. The attention to detail, his preparation for the game, and how well he knows it is second to none.

Patriots 30 – Eagles 24

TB12 looks laser focused. Clear eyes, clear heart, can’t lose.

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The 2018 NFL Hall Of Fame Inductees


The 2018 NFL Hall of Fame class was announced yesterday and it is quite the group. First timers Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, and Brian Urlacher join Terrell Owens and Brian Dawkins as the modern-era selections to be enshrined. Need to say it again, but this is quite an impressive group. Some truly amazing athletes with incredible accolades who changed the game for the better.

Lets hone in on Ray, Randy, and TO. The real question is who is going to have the better speech. You know there will be some competition on who will one up the other two. all three entertainers love the spotlight and will have quite the following in Canton, Ohio. They might have to move to a bigger location, and bring in more chairs cause fans will be coming from all over the country.  Sure many will show up for Urlacher and Dawkins, but lets be honest, this is about the other three guys.

What franchise will Terrell be inducted under? Will the entire city of Rand, West Virginia show up for Randy? How many murderers will rejoice when Ray Lewis steps up to the mic? Needles to say Canton will be bumping on August 4th.

Oh ya, TO put Jason Whitlock in a body bag…

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