Fuck Student Loans

Policymic – The news: Congratulations, class of 2014!

Not for graduating — though that’s nice, too — but for earning one of the more dubious distinctions in recent memory: You’ve officially been named “the most indebted class ever.”

According to the Wall Street Journal and data compiled by analyst Mark Kantrowitz, the average loan-holding 2014 college graduate will have to pay back $33,000. That’s up from around $31,000 in 2013 and under $10,000 in 1993:


Sucks to be a 2014 college graduate. Well really it has sucked to be a college graduate since 1999 when students loands hit over $10,000 per student. I took the typical college athlete route, going to school for five years. How did I come out? Just over $16,000 in loans. What really killed me was my first apartment at SUNY Brockport. Brand new and they charged $8,200 for the entire school year. I could have found a place for less than half of what I pair, or even a third. It is what it is. I have a full time job living the cube life and cashing in on those commission checks. Yes I stare at a computer screen all day, but I am always browsing the web and checking my phone. The chances of me getting killed on the job? Pretty slim. Think I am pretty safe with my job.

Back to this student loan issue. Holy fuck! A 22 year old is about to graduate and owe more than $40,000 in student loans, possibly even more depending on the school and whether or not they want to earn a masters degree or PHD or whatever else is left to acheive. I have read articles how kids starve themselves and live in a 200 sq ft box in order to save money to pay off their loans. It is a tough situation. You want to live it up in college before the real world sets in, but don’t want to be trapped because you have no money after paying off your loans.

My recommendation for all you undecided high school kids, go to a junior college for two years, get the basic classes out of the way, and save your parents or even yourself a shit ton of money. Sure you won’t get the full college experience, but it will be easier than high school and just as many sluts as you would find at a Michigan St or University of Buffalo. Trust me.

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