Amateur MMA Fighter Taps Out While Winning

People always talk about sportsmanship in sports, but this, this was a bitch ass move. You are about to win a fight, and you tap out because you do not want to seriously hurt your opponent? What is the point of playing? As an amateur, you are fighting for a professional contract, and to give up that easy does not look good on your resume. How many other fighters out there are trying to get a fight lined up with Mike Pantangco hoping that he will just tap out.

Complete bitch move. Embarrassing to the sport of MMA. Hope he never wins a fight again and never earns a professional contract. I know baseball is not the same, but when I was on the mound, I wanted to strike you out and make you look silly. I never laid a fastball down the middle of the plate. Looks like Mike should check his manhood.

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