Dont Ever Give Up!

This video made its way across my email yesterday at work, and while it is funny, you do shake your head at how it all ends. This clip is from the 2008 Big Ten Indoor Track Championship. The event was the women’s 600 meter run and Heather Dorniden from the University of Minnesota  did work. Keep your eye on the blond with the long strides rocking number 170.

Now how do you view this? Do you say wow! What an epic comeback! Or do you question the other three runners and women sports in general? Would this have ever happened in the men’s 600 meter run? Absolutely not! If a guy was to get tripped up, the chances are that he would stay on the ground and get off the track. Women’s sports have come a long way, but lets get real, this was a lousy showing from the other three runners at the Big Ten Championship.

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