The Bills Are Not Leaving Buffalo


ATLANTA – Jerry Jones’ previous comments notwithstanding, many NFL owners want to see the Buffalo Bills stay in Western New York.

Jones, the Dallas Cowboys’ influential owner, roiled Bills fans Monday at the NFL’s annual spring meeting. He suggested Toronto might be a better alternative because the larger market can help grow league revenues.

A day later, other prominent NFL bosses struck a supportive tone for Western New York. Their comments underscored what two sources informed The Buffalo News: Any group that wants to move the Bills probably won’t get enough votes to approve relocation.

Hey Jerry Jones. Fuck you! The Buffalo Bills are not leaving the city of Buffalo. Sure they might build a new stadium, but they are not moving to Los Angeles, or even worse Toronto. Owners throughout the NFL, other than Jones, can agree the NFL needs a football team in Buffalo, and Buffalo needs the Bills. Green Bay Packers owner Mark Murphy, who is from Clarence, will do everything he can to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Let me end this debate, water cooler talk, whatever you want to call it. The Buffalo Bills are not leaving the city of Buffalo. Oh ya, fuck you Jerry Jones.

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