Ray Rice Is A Piece Of Shit

We have all seen the video clip by now of Ray Rice dragging out his then fiance and now wife Janay Palmer of the elevator courtesy of TMZ.

Crazy right? Had a lot of respect for Ray Rice before this all went down. Now, I have none. He is a piece of shit. The Ravens running back made his first appearance in front of the media during his press conference Friday with his wife right by his side. Nice try with the apology Ray Ray, but you aren’t fooling anyone. For your wife Janay, first off you make millions of dollars and that is what you end up with? She is definitely chasing the paper, and it is even more evident now that she stayed with you and married your ass. How fucked up is that?

Roger Goodell needs to step up to the plate and make a decision to. Adam Silver has been kicking his ass, and all the NBA Commissioner has done is suspend Donald Sterling from the NBA. As far as I am concerned, Goodell has been dragging his feet for a long time. Time to step up commish and earn your $44 million dollar pay check.

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