Will Trump Be The Savior?

WASHINGTON – Billionaire developer Donald Trump reiterated his interest in buying the Buffalo Bills on Monday, saying that he doesn’t think his years-ago involvement in a rival football league or his history of operating casinos would stand in his way.

“We are going to put in a bid,” Trump said in response to questions after a luncheon speech at the National Press Club. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in Buffalo. If the price isn’t the right price, then I won’t get it, and I won’t be ashamed of it … But if I get it, I think I’ll probably do a good job.”

Trump said he didn’t know how many bidders will try to buy the team, which is on the market after the recent death of their founder and owner, Ralph C. Wilson Jr.

Fuck you Jerry Jones. The Bill are not leaving Buffalo. Whether or not Donald buys the Bills, it has #BillsMafia talking. Trump resides in New York City so an hour flight can be made every single day to Buffalo. Nobody wants to fly coast to coast every weekend to catch a game. It would also be a huge benefit if Trump used his own money to build a new stadium. That means no tax payers money would have to be used.

Once again, fuck you Jerry and Bon Jovi. The Bills are not leaving the 716.

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