The El Nino Challenge

If you ever drive through or visit Buffalo, New York it is a must that you stop by a Mighty Taco and grab a bite to eat there. For those more experienced eaters, I challenge you to the El Nino Challenge. You may have heard it before, but then again you most likely have not, considering I came up with the idea. Mighty Taco makes a beef burrito they call the “El Nino”. All in all it weighs 13 ounces. The burrito consists of beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato and whatever sauce your heart desires.

el ninoThe EL Nino challenge requires you to eat four El Nino’s in under twenty minutes. That’s right. That is just over three pounds of food in under twenty minutes. I have only attempted the feat once and failed miserably. I was embarressed for my actions. I was only able to take down two in about 15 minutes. I have taken down two in under ten minutes which gave me the impression that I could conquer the challenge. I was wrong.

I challenge anyone out there to the El Nino challenge. Record a video and if you can do it, hats off to you my friend. I will give another crack at the challenge in the near future, even as I am trying to lose weight before the wedding which is in about 140 days.

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