The Departure

It was Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 and me and the younger bro were off to Boston, Mass to chill with our middle bro. The trip however could not be that easy. Before we even make it to the highway we find an older couple sucking face in the Tony Walker parking lot off of Main St. Just casual Thursday afternoon hook up session in the car. Want proof? We have proof. Dude was clearly getting an HJ as well.



We were on the road for a solid four hours going 75-80 before we decided to pull over and grab a bite to eat in a small town called Johnstown, NY. Asked the toll taker where the closes McDonald’s is and she told us take a right and there it was. This had to have been one of the nicest McDonald’s EVER. Flowers on the tables, great customer service. Even the bathrooms smelled nice. If only Buffalo, NY could improve their McDonald’s game, sale might go up.

We spend the night at our aunts in Pittsfield, MA. Nothing exciting there. We get on the road early in the morning and find a parking spot on Commonwealth Ave. You guessed it, our one brother lives on Comm Ave. We then take the T to his office to meet up with then and tour the city of Boston. We eventually got lost, but it was before we found this gem walking by a gym. This older women was sitting in what looked to be a massage chair eating a banana. The only problem was is she was sucking on the banana. Maybe LeBron should take notes. After walking through Faneuil Hall we came across a dance group and a kid playing drums on on buckets. The kid on the drums was a lot better.

It has been a good trip so far. Red Sox won the first game of their home stand, but the Heat lost and are now down 3-1. Oh well, off to the Red Sox game tonight. If you are going, make sure you hit us up on twitter @WolfsDen_Sports.


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