USA Blows It In Final 30 Seconds


What a great game. What a shitty ending. The US Men’s soccer team was about to advance to the next stage with one game remaining in the opening round. Captain Clint Dempsey scored the go ahead goal after he deflected in a cross with his chest to put the Americans up 2-1. But with less than 30 seconds remaining in extra time, it was Cristiano Ronaldo who centered a pass to Silvestre Varela who headed it in past a stunned Tim Howard.

Three things we need to talk about here. Remember, I do not know much about futbol, but why did Klinsmann take out Dempsey? Sure he is an attacker and probably does not play much defense, but he is your captain. Got to leave the man on the field. Second, what the fuck was Michael Bradley doing? You can’t turn the ball over with 30 seconds left and your team up by one. Lastly, what was the back line doing? You cannot let anyone get past you in that situation. Like I said, I do not know much about soccer, but I think you need to ask those questions.

Another interesting point was made post match about stoppage time. Fucking Portugese.

Welp, all USA needs to do is tie Germany and they are both off to the next round. Think there can be a pre match agreement made about that. I mean Klinsmann did used to coach Germany. Figure it out Jurgen.

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