LAPD At Its Finest

USA Today –  A motorist’s video of a California highway patrolman repeatedly punching a woman has sparked local outrage and a police investigation into the officer’s actions.

In the incident, which happened in Los Angeles on Tuesday at an on-ramp to the Santa Monica Freeway, a California Highway Patrol officer appears to be attempting to stop a woman walking on the shoulder of the road and cutting across traffic. The video shows the officer pinning the woman on the ground and hitting her in the face and head until a second man — later identified by police as an off-duty plainclothes officer — arrives and helps the first officer handcuff the woman.

The woman ignored the officer’s command to stop and became “physically combative,” according to a CHP statement Saturday.

“The officer (was) forced to place the pedestrian under arrest in fear of the pedestrian and the officer’s safety. A physical altercation ensued,” the police statement said.

Saw this story on the news while I was up in Canada for the long weekend. My only question is what the fuck? You are a grown ass man and you can’t pin a woman to the ground? Instead you have to punch the shit out of her? We have been seeing to many of these stories throughout the past couple of months and it is just disgusting. They say an investigation is going on, but we all know the truth about those. He gets a slap on the wrist, suspended for some time and then gets his job back.

How should this situation really be handled? This cop should have to walk in the ghetto by himself unarmed and get his ass handed to him. A couple of swings to the ribs, bats to knee caps, and slammed a couple of times on his back. Mother fucker! Real talk though, did this LA cop really need to use that much force to contain a female. The woman became “physically combative”? Does anyone else see that? I just see a cop throwing a woman to the ground and start throwing haymakers. Hey pal, don’t drop the soap when they put you in between bars.

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