What It’s Like To Be A Bills Fan…

Here is a celebrity post from a good friend of ours @WhiteSilk1

I don’t care what any Browns fan, or Cleveland sports fan, pre 2014 KC fan, pre 2004 Red Sox fan, Vikings fan, or Cubs fan thinks. No sports fan has it worse than a Bills fan. Nobody. It’s not even close. If you think I’m wrong, I’m not, please believe me. It is simply excruciating. The only thing worse than the pain of perpetual loss, is the false hope we create for ourselves with year in year out. We just do everything incorrectly. We squander talent and pay off mediocrity. We hire shit coaches and hope to get lucky. We have not made the fucking playoffs in 15 years in a league with a hard salary cap and where nearly 40% of teams make the playoffs on a yearly basis.

Take a second and really think about the improbability of that, or better yet, do the math. Still, We sell out home games week in week out after seasons have been lost, while teams like Miami can’t fill a stadium for a home prime time game in a city with 10x the population. The seemingly collusive bond between the Patriots and the refs and the Bills inability to get a decent coach or a decent QB is almost too much to bear. What’s worse is the blatant inability to remain even partially objective any more. It’s impossible to differentiate between typical, woe is me Bills fan talk and legitimate gripes towards coaches, players, refs, circumstances. How, and why we are this far outside of relevancy befuddles me. We have had a “check down” mentality as a team from top to bottom for the last 15 years. 

Bills fans pray to keep the Bills in Buffalo, but it seems borderline masochistic at this point. Goddamn this is frustrating. Maybe we’ll win 5 of 6 by some miracle and make the playoffs, then I’ll have to eat the shit out of this post. I truly hope that happens. I know it’s just a game, but for fucks sake someone throw us a cot damn bone! For real. Thank goodness we have our first round pick next year.

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