The Storm That Shook Buffalo

So we are into day three of the storm, and have yet to hear a solid name for it. What are we going to call it? Snowvember? Knifestorm? SouthTownsBlizzard? Being in the north towns, this is all crazy. Yesterday morning I saw grass on my front lawn. That has changed a little as we have probably seen around 3-4 inches fall, but nothing like they are experiencing in Lancaster, West Seneca, and South Buffalo.

The death toll is up to 7 as an older gentleman passed away yesterday after he was unable to be transferred from an Urgent Care to a hospital. The worst has to be the man from Pennsylvania who got stuck between two cars after trying to help. What is even crazier are the people who are stranded on the highway who are choosing to stay with their cars rather than leave them their and get somewhere warm.

With the Bills game scheduled for Sunday afternoon, the team needed some help removing the 440 million pounds of snow. The Bills were looking for shovelers yesterday and were willing to pay $10 an hour and give away tickets to the game against the Jets. Some may have seen this as a cool opportunity, but others were outraged as there is a travel ban in may parts of Buffalo, and now you are asking people to travel who knows how far to shovel for only $10 an hour. Pretty sure the Bills have over 300 employees. Get their asses to the Ralph and hand them a shovel.

Needless to say it has been a crazy two days and it is not over yet. The south towns are expected to see another 12 to 24 more inches if not more. Stay safe everyone

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