Bills To Host The Jets In Detroit

Because of the amount of snow fall in Orchard Park, New York, the Bills scheduled home game against the Jets has been moved to Detroit. Sucks, we all know that but the game needs to be played and the Ralph won’t be ready for who knows how long. Sure the #BillsMafia is upset, any fan would be but it is what it is. No need to get your panties in a bunch and start bitching about it all over the Bills fan pages on Facebook. Half the people posting on the walls are white trash, or do not know how to spell. You are embarrassing yourself. Go find a day job.

But back to the main story here. The Bills are in Detroit and playing a “home” game against a divisional opponent. What is even worse is that a Detroit based radio station, Detroit Sports 105.1 is embracing the New York Jets coming to their city. But lets really call it how it is. The Detroit radio station is still butt hurt over the Bills carrying defensive coordinator and former Lions coach on their shoulders after the Bills defeated the Lions earlier this season. The radio station is trying to start a movement #GreenMonday. How well it work? We won’t know until Friday but we have already seen a lot of Bills fans making their way to Detroit for the game.

The Bills, who sit at 5-5 desperately need a win if they want to keep any playoff chances alive. Looks like Kyle Orton will be getting the start, but who knows if we will see EJ Manual play. Hopefully the second year QB has learned a thing or two sitting on the bench. If the Bills lose this game, fans will be in an uproar. First it was the Bills offering $10 and tickets to the game to fans to shovel snow. Only question, was how were the fans going to get there? Then, when fans wanted to find out how they could be reimbursed for their tickets, the Bills gave out the wrong phone number. Instead they gave a number to an Ohio domestic violence hotline. Whatever idiot put the number on the site should be fired immediately.

If the Bills do not win on Monday night, the city of Buffalo may as well just burn to the ground as people will bitch and moan. Come to think about it, if the Bills win, people will still bitch and moan. “Why didn’t the Bills lend people their equipment to help those in the communities who needed it most?” Cry me a fucking river!

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