Lauren Hill Scores Again

You have probably all heard or seen this story before. Lauren Hill, who is suffering from an inoperable brain cancer (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) plays college basketball for a division III school Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two weeks ago, her team opened up their season with a game at the Cintas Center, the home of court for the University of Xavier. Hill scored four points, and the 10,000 people that were in attendance all went crazy.

In another game Friday night, Hill was once again on the court and scored another basket. Woopde doo! One game is one thing, but now two? One game was one enough. Now you make a girl play ghost defense and let a girl score on her. That would not be me. I would have bumped her out of the paint, and if she went up with that weak right handed lay up I would have swatted that shit into the third row. I understand this girl is sick, but she had her moment in front of all America. She was trending on twitter with #LaurenHillStrong.

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