West Carolina Coach Puts Kirk Herbstreit On Blast

Yesterday on ESPN College Gameday, the four analysts got to the topic of the SEC schedule for week 13 of the season.  At least five teams were going up against FCS (formerly 1-AA) programs, with one of them being Alabama hosting Western Carolina. We all know it’s a pretty big pay day for these FCS schools coming into a D-1 programs house. Western Carolina coach Mark Speir was not so happy with Kirk Herbstreit’s comments on the show Saturday morning.

Speir watched the pre game show, and after his team lost 48-14, he had some comments for Herbstreit.

“A guy had a silver spoon in his mouth all his life, Ohio State, prima donna state quarterback talking about, ‘It’s an embarrassment,’” Speir said via AL.com. “He ain’t ever coached.”

“I’m just proud of FCS football. I’m proud of our football team. I hope America doesn’t listen to a guy who sits behind a mic that hasn’t ever done it with that silver spoon in his mouth,” Speir said. “He never had probably a bloody nose or a callus like some of these guys.”

Coach Speir, lets be serious. You guys got paid $480,000 by Alabama. That should cover most of your expenses over the course of the season. Love you calling out Herby without using his name, but come on. How many times in the last ten seasons has an FCS school upset a D-1 program in their house? I can only think of two…Appalachian State and Georgia Southern just last year at Florida. Take your money and put your tail between your legs and make the quick drive back home to Carolina and be happy. Your players probably had a great time the night before when they were running around with southern belles after curfew.

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