My Thoughts On Darryl Talley


Tim Graham of the Buffalo News did an excellent piece on former Buffalo Bills linebacker Darry Talley. You can read the article right here. If you don’t want to read it, Talley is poor, him and his wife rent a place where they live now, he made bad financial decisions, he is mentally ill and has contemplated suicide. Talley was a fan favorite during his time in Buffalo and put his body on the line week in and week out for the fans of Buffalo and West Virginia (where Talley attended college).

After the article was posted and the comment section filled out, die hard Bills fans started a GoFundMe page. It has been around for two days and has raised almost $95,000 from 2,087 donors. Damn, that is a lot of money. During his playing career, Talley had to have made more than a couple of million dollars. Sure he made some bad financial decisions, but to blow a couple million dollars in less than a couple of years. What the fuck? And now people are donating him money. Who knows what it is going to be used for. Call me crazy, but I would rather donate my money to a good cause. They say everyone deserves a second chance, but something tells me Talley already had his second chance, and his third, and possibly his fourth.

I call myself a Bills fan. Been living in this city for 26, going on 27 years, but I am not going to give this former professional athlete a dime. Just like I wouldn’t give Jim Kelly a dime. Sure your daughter is hot, but I am not going to condone a wife beater. The goal is to raise $100,000 for #56 and I am sure it was go over that, but as I said before, you will not see a dime from me. Go give it to a charity or some good cause, or save it for yourself so you don’t end up like Darryl. This is probably the best post I have seen on the matter.

“If you donate money to Darryl Talley please delete me as a friend. Donate to cancer research, war veterans or any other amazing charities I a seen over the years. This man made millions playing a sport. A lot of people suffer from depression or mental illness and never made millions of dollars. This is a joke.”

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  1. Talley fans says:

    Fuck you

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