Coach K Finally Listened To Me

I wrote a highly scrutinized blog post a couple of years ago for one of my failed websites about Duke basketball. I was watching college game day with Jay Williams and of course they were talking about Duke. I do not exactly remember how Williams worded it, but I went to the blog and stated that Coach K needs to go out there and find thoroughbreds. He needed to find some athletic brothers who could keep up with the Kentuckys and Michigan States. People called me a racist over the post. Did I give a fuck? Absolutely not, because Coach K must have read my post somewhere, wherever it is not, and realized me and Jay were right.

So what does Coach K do? He goes out there and brings in freshman that will only last one year. He received a package deal with Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones, and bringing in Justice Winslow made this trio that much better. While Rasheed Sulaimon may come off as an Uncle Tom, his game sure doesn’t show it, and point guard Quinn Cook has a little edge to him. Sometime he acts harder than he really is, but that’s ok, just show me something!


The Dukies just defeated the number 2 ranked team at their house in Wisconsin. They already took down Michigan State at a neutral site and still have to play the defending champs UConn before getting into ACC action. Could this team go undefeated? Absolutely. Will they? eh, probably not. A loss or two to this young team may put things in perspective but expect to see this team make a run in the tourney, and advance farther than Syracuse.

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