Fake Hand Shake…Steal…Dunk…Still Lose

The Portland Pilots were up by 14 points with under 15 seconds remaining in their game last night against rival Portland State Vikings. Pilots point guard Alec Wintering was doing the respectable thing and just dribbling the ball around running clock, trying to end the game as quickly as possible. Like most games, players slap each other up before the final horn, but not every night do you see this. Vikings guard Bryce White still wanted to get his. White went in for the handshake, and then knocked the ball away and went in for the dunk. Definitely a scumbag move, but the worst part, the spread on this game was 12 1/2. So if anyone out there bet on the Pilots, you got ROBBED!  White finished the game with only 12 points. Get yours kid, get yours.

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