Bills Lose 24-17 In Denver

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t watch most of this game so I am going to keep this short. The Bills lost 24-17. According to Howard Simon, the Bills made most of that up in garbage time.

So there is that. In the short amount of time that I did watch, the officiating was awful again. I know you can’t blame the refs on a loss, but the officiating during Bills games this season has just been pathetic. Of course they assign a first year official for a game against the Broncos. The pass interference call against Robey, the no flag on the head butt on Lee Smith when he didn’t even have a helmet on. And what is up with the fist bump after the CJ Anderson touchdown?

The defense played awesome again, keeping this team in the game somehow. The Bills did snap Manning’s 51 game TD pass streak. Pretty cool. They now sit at 7-6. Things don’t look good, but there is still 3 more games, however they could lose out as the Raiders are on fire!!!

When will Marrone put in EJ? Got nothing else to lose. No chance of making the playoffs.

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