It Was Fun While It Lasted


Even with the Chargers comeback win Saturday night over the 49ers, things were still looking good at 4pm EST on Sunday. The Chiefs and Ravens both lost, and the Bengals are going to lose to the Broncos on Monday night. The Bills however laid an egg against a 2-12 Oakland Raiders football team that got blown out 52-0 against the St. Louis Rams. Fucking pathetic. The Bills rushed for 13 yards as a team. So much for the return of CJ Spiller. CJ rushed the ball four times for -4 yards and had 4 receptions for 14 yards. Cya CJ!

Derek Carr is no joke. Sure his numbers looked shitty, but he tossed two touchdowns and completed some key conversions. He also took some big hits, including one from Mario Williams, which forced him to come out for a play. Latavius Murray had a solid day rushing the ball for the gray and black, with 86 yards on 23 attempts. Kembrell Thompkins, the old Patriots wide out had 5 catches for 90 yards including a 50 yard reception. The Bills rush defense was gashed when Marcel Dareus was forced to leave with a knee injury, and Ron Brooks looked stupid in the secondary when Stephon Gilmore was forced to leave the game with a head injury.

Kyle Orton finished 32 of 49 for 329 yards with three touchdowns and two INT’s. Not bad but not great. Orton doesn’t have all the time in the world to stand in the pocket and make throws, but did he not see what happens when you throw the ball down the middle of the field. On the drive that ended in a touchdown pass to Scott Chandler, Orton connected with Chris Hogan and Sammy Watkins over the middle. He then connected with Chandler on the 29 yard score. It’s like what the fuck? The dunk passes aren’t working. We figured that out with Checkdown Trent. Orton has shown he has the arm strength to throw it down the field and fit it in tight areas but it never happens.

What this came down to was a team that has never been in this type of situation this late in the season. The Bills don’t know what its like to be in playoff contention in December. Neither does Hackett or Marrone. It was a fun ride. They kept us interested and broke our hearts. Start EJ against the Patriots and see if he has learned a thing or two. Or three. Orton came in and did his thing. Let him go and go sign Jay Cutler, after you restructure his contract of course. This team has the talent to make the playoffs, even without a Jerry Hughes, they just need a quarterback who can sling it and is willing to take chances.

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