Colorado Shooter Is Not A Monster According To His Mom


YahooColorado movie theater gunman James Holmes is “not a monster” and should be spared a death sentence, his parents plead in their first public comments since one of the worst mass shootings in American history.

Robert and Arlene Holmes’ two-page letter to the Denver Post editorial section was delivered by Lisa Damiani, one of the gunman’s court-appointed attorneys. The newspaper published the entire letter on Friday.

Haven’t heard anything about this kid in a while. You forget about these stories since so many occur so frequently now. I remember when it all went down. I was in my cubicle and following it on twitter and going home and actually watching the news. So James mother doesn’t want him to be executed. Poor Mrs. Holmes. I don’t care if your son is sick or not. The act of violence that he showed at the movie theatre is despicable. Whenever there is an act of violence and killing random people is involved, there should be no hesitation. Electric chair ASAP.

Some may disagree with me on this matter, but imagine the families of the dozen that were killed, and the 70 that were injured. They want justice, and the only justice here is to put James to sleep. Nighty night James.

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