Quick Bills Preview To The Finale

The season is finally over. Must say it was fun while it lasted. Us Bills fans were still excited about this team in December. The loss last week still hurts.  The Bills are in Foxboro this afternoon to take on the AFC Champs in the New England Patriots. The Bills are not going to win. Even with Brady playing only one half, the Bills will find a way to lose it, especially with no Dareus and Gilmore.


Some things to watch out for today, is whether or not EJ gets in, the play of CJ Spiller, and how quickly after the game Terry Pegula pulls the plug on someone. I said after the loss to the Raiders that EJ should get the start. Nothing to lose. Throw the second year player out there and see if he has learned anything while on the bench. Is EJ the guy? Doesn’t seem like it, but we used a first round pick on the guy and he has the tools. Before Orton, Manuel did not have a veteran quarterback in front of him. Kevin Kolb got hurt during training camp in 2013 and that was that.

CJ Spiller is playing for a contract and after last weeks lousy performance, not sure what team would want him. Means nothing to us Bills fans as we are out of the race, but watch CJ go off for the game of his life. If I was Marrone, I wouldn’t even dress him, and activate Bryce Brown instead. Brown is going to be the feature back next season with Freddy and Boobie in the mix as well. Three solid backs for the 2015 campaign.


Apparently the Doug’s don’t like each other, and Bill Polian is coming back? If I had to get rid of one of the Doug’s it would have to be Marrone. It has only been two years, but what has he done? benching Jerry Hughes for no reason, and not playing Mike Williams who the Bills traded for. Just because you didn’t like him at Syracuse, doesn’t mean you can’t like him in the pros. So get rid of Marrone, and they might as well get rid of Russ Brandon according to my cousin (@GotTheWolf).

Bills lose 41-18.

Carpenter kicks 6 field goals and is the MVP of this team.

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