Bye Bye Saint Doug

I was driving home from work last night when I got a notification that my followers were RT’ing Adam Schefter in regards to Doug Marrone. I was forced to pull up my twitter feed while I was driving to see that Saint Doug opted out of his contract and became a free agent. WOW! The Bills have their starting quarterback retire out of the blue and then their head coach pulls this shit. Good for the Bills. You don’t want to be here, well then get the fuck out of here.

Doug had been in Buffalo for two seasons, and did something no head coach had done in 10 seasons, and that was finish with a winning record. Bills fans were excited all season, up into the month of December which hasn’t happened in years. This Bills squad is about to go through some big changes. With Orton, and Marrone now gone, that most likely means that Nathan Hackett will be gone, thank god! Rumors are already swirling about who will replace Marrone. Do the Bills promote DC Jim Schwartz? He has coaching experience with Detroit. Or do they look outside and bring back former QB Frank Reich?

There are plenty of options out there, but it just sucks having to bring in a new head coach if they choose to go outside of the organization. It can’t be easy on the players learning a new system, getting accustom to new practices. Fans are going to bitch and complain all off season how the Bills do not have a first round pick in this years draft, and do not have a starting quarterback that many think can’t get us to the playoffs. Just sit back and relax and let Terry and Kim throw around their money and bring the Bills back into the playoffs.

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