My Fantasy Football Playoff Roster

Since I have been at my current job, every time this year we get an email from a co-worker inviting us to participate in the fantasy football playoff league. It is pretty simple how it works. You get to pick 20 players, which includes a maximum of four quarterbacks, one defense/special team units, and one kicker. The remaining 14 slots, you can take whatever offensive player you want. You can take 14 wide receivers, or 10 running backs and 4 tight ends, whoever you think is going to accumulate the most amount of points. One thing you have to do when picking these players, are what teams are going to advance the farthest. Are you going to take anyone from the Panthers or Cardinals? Probably not. With that being said, here is my championship roster.

P.S. I have won this thing the past two years. Going for that three peat and join the likes of Michael and Shaq.


  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Peyton Manning
  • Tom Brady
  • Tony Romo

Running Backs

  • Marshawn Lynch
  • S. Anderson
  • Demarco Murray
  • Eddie Lacy
  • LeGarrette Blount

Wide Receivers

  • TY Hilton
  • Randall Cobb
  • Dez Bryant
  • Emmanuel Sanders
  • Demaryius Thomas
  • Jordy Nelson
  • Antonio Brown
  • Martavis Bryant

Tight End

  • Rob Gronkowski

Defense/Special teams

  • Seattle Seahawks


  • Steven Hauschka
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