Olean Women Should Be Killed For Murdering Dog

Buffalo News – Police in Olean have charged a woman in the bizarre Christmas Day death of a dog whose story has been seen and shared millions of times on social media.

Gertrude McQuiller, 60, of 113 S. Sixth St., is charged with misdemeanors for torturing and killing the American pit bull Kita by feeding her the anxiety medicine Xanax, police said.

McQuiller, who is separated from her husband, John, gave police a statement explaining that she “felt abandoned.” She is to appear in Olean City Court on Jan. 13.

Are you fucking serious? You felt abandoned so you killed a dog? Hope this bitch gets killed. Don’t call women this to often, but Gertrude is a “see you next Tuesday”. Of course this happens in Olean. Other than their boys high school basketball the past two or three seasons, what good comes from this red neck town? This bitch can go fuck herself. Click here is the video of Mr. McQuiller with Kita in her final minutes. The video is a little disturbing.

Gertrude, you are our POS (piece of shit) for the week.

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