Shooting In Paris At Charlie Hebdo

If you have not watched the news or heard about this yet, you need to check yourself. This is another example of just how fucked up some people are. Three masked gunmen went in to a French satirical newspaper company known as Charlie Hedbo. It is reported that twelve people have been killed. Two of the men, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, are still at large and the city is still on edge. The third man, 18 year old Hamyd Mourad, turned himself in last night. it is unsure how much of an impact he had on the killings.

Below is a video that was recorded of the brothers stopping their car in the middle of the street and killing a cop on the side of the road. Now you may be wondering why am I posting this video? We need to stop coddling these terrorists. The Boston bomber, how the fuck is that kid still alive. As I said right after the incident two years ago, they should have made him run the marathon and let bystanders throw rocks at him, smack him with a whip, and beat the shit out of him. When they finally catch these two, if they don’t kill themselves, they should;t even wait to take these brothers to trial. They should line them up and and let the families of the fallen shoot them to death.

Said, Cherif, and Hamyd are our POS of the week!

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