We Go Perfect On Our Divisional Round Picks

We may not have been right on every game with the spread, but we called our four games winners. That’s right, we took Andrew Luck and the Colts over Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

gronkIn the first game of the weekend, Tom Brady and the Patriots came back from a 14 point deficit twice. Joe Flacco was on fire, throwing for four touchdowns, but then he showed his true colors. Down 35-31 at the Patriots 36, Flacco threw a deep ball on 2nd and 5 and was intercepted in the end zone. Flacco forced the issue, turned the ball over, and is no longer in the elite quarterback talk. It’s that simple. The Pats rushed the ball 13 times, for just 14 yards. Not good.

In the nightcap on Saturday, the game played out as everyone thought it would. The Seahawks had their way with a 31-17 win over the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton didn’t play bad, but he didn’t play great. He put some throws right on the money, but also had two picks. Russell Wilson on the other hand threw for 3 touchdowns and no picks. The Seahawks defense only managed two sacks on the mobile Newton, but Kam Chancellor did pick off a Newton pass and took it back 90 yards for a score.

A week after having the refs determine the outcome of the game, it happened once again for the Dallas Cowboys. This time, things didn’t work out their way. Down by 5 with under 5 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys went for it on fourth and two. As they should have done, they drew up a play for their playmaker Dez Bryant. Bryant went up and came down with the ball, took three steps, reached for the end zone, and came up with the catch. The refs ruled it a touchdown, but Packers coach Mike McCarthy challenged the play, and won his only challenge of the season. Their is some stupid rule the NFL has not fixed since it happened to Calvin Johnson a couple of years ago. That’s really all their is to talk about this game.

In the final game of the weekend, the Colts went into Denver and took down the all mighty Peyton Manning. It is hard to win when you play like shit, and that’s exactly how Peyton played. 26 of 46 for 211 yards and just one touchdown? May be time for Peyton to hang them up. Phil Simms said this loss does’s tarnish Manning’s career. I say fuck yes it does. He is now 11-13 in the playoffs, including 9 one and cones. I know he has played for a long time, but 9?!?!?! He only has ONE Super Bowl ring and that came against a Rex Grossman led Chicago Bears. He is a hall of famed, but do not include him in the greatest of all time talk.


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