High School Basketball Coach Suspended For Winning By Too Much


Yahoo – A high school girls basketball coach in California has been suspended for a rare reason: Winning by too large a margin. Arroyo Valley’s Michael Anderson kept his foot on the gas pedal even as his team went up by 60 early in the game against a winless opponent.

The end result was brutal: A 161-2 beatdown.

Decisive as it might be, it was far from impressive. The coach was called by the school’s athletic director and later told The Riverside Press-Enterprise that he had been suspended two games for what had happened.

Of course this was girls basketball. He played his bench players the entire second half. Don’t be mad at Michael Anderson. Be mad at the other coach for agreeging to put this game on the schedule. Love this quote from the opposing teams coach,

“People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team,” opposing coach Dale Chung of Bloomington High told The Sporting News. “They should feel sorry for his (Anderson’s) team, which isn’t learning the game the right way.”

Tell me coach Chung, what is the right way. There comes a point in an athletes life when winning is more important than learning the game, and that usually hits when you enter high school. If anyone should be suspended it should be Ching for putting this game on the schedule. His players are probably so embarrassed. Hope you go to bed tonight coach Chung, knowing that you are the lesser man because of this.

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