Question Of The Year (So Far): Lose With Respect, or Be A Champion And Cheat?

I was browsing twitter last night as I watched my Duke Blue Devils fall to Notre Dame and came across a question that I felt I need to answer. James Kriger of tweeted

Now before I go off on my rant with my answer, I respect what these guys do with their site. They tell you exactly how they feel and not afraid to put anyone on blast, which is exactly what they did with Turtle Boy from Boston or whatever his blogger name was.

The way I see this question, is would you rather be like the Buffalo Bills or the New England Patriots? Would you rather be a franchise with no Super Bowl wins, but “honest and hard working”, or would you rather have 3 rings, possibly four, and be known as a cheater with “spy gate” and “deflate gate”?

The Patriots are not a perfect franchise. All you have to do is look at Aaron Hernandez and you shake your head. But then you look at the Buffalo Bills, especially the roster during their Super Bowl run. Jim Kelly was no saint. He beat his wife. The ambulance made frequent trips. Ever wonder how he got cancer in his jaw? I’ll tell you when you are older. And recently this whole thing with Darryl Talley and hard working people donating their money to a former professional athlete.  I would never give the man a penny.

Now onto the Patriots. Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Some will argue he is the best of all time. The former 6th round pick has proven a lot of people wrong. He is married to one of the richest women in the world, and she’s not bad looking either. He is a good looking dude, he wears Uggs, and he is hated by most. Bills fans may not admit it, but many would love to have Brady throwing passes to Sammy.

So back to the question. Would you rather be an honest and hard working person with no championships, or would you be alright “cheating” to win your championships? That answer is easy. Give me the rings and the haters and I will walk with my head help up high. Has anyone ever done it the right way? In MLB you have steroids, in the NBA you have Michael Jordan pushing off Bryon Russell, cheating during face offs in the NHL.

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