Bills Trade Kiko To Philly For Shady McCoy

Wow! When I saw this news on my Facebook I thought it was a joke at first. Then I clicked on the link and it took me to ESPN. This trade leaves me with mixed emotions. Kiko was an absolute stud in his rookie season. He was everywhere on the field making tackles. Then he goes out and tears his ACL and he misses the entire season. What are people going to do that purchased his jersey?

Lesean McCoy was an elite back. His numbers have gone down, but he is still a top 5-10 back. He also brings a cap hit to the Bills salary cap. If and when this trade goes down, that means bye bye CJ. McCoy will be the fourth running back on the roster with former Eagle Bryce Brown, Fred Jackson, and Boobie Dixon. Do the Bills keep all four? Do the Bills turn around and trade McCoy for a 1st rd draft pick? Eh…a man can dream.

Whatever the case may be, this Eagles fan is not happy.

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