Lancaster Drops Redskins Nickname

LancBUFFALO NEWS – The Lancaster School District is no longer the home of the mighty Redskins.

After a packed special School Board meeting Monday night, the controversial nickname and mascot were officially dropped by the board in a unanimous vote, effective immediately.

The action, which came much sooner than expected, put a formal end to a nearly 70-year tradition that was beloved by many in the community and also detested by Native Americans and others who viewed it as an offensive racial slur.

Despite the board’s decision, it was clear that the bitterness and resentment that have grown in the community over the issue in the last six months would not fade anytime soon.

At least it is finally over. Sad day in Lancaster history as a 70 year tradition has been taken away. The Lancaster Redskins will be no more. For the time being, they will just be known as Lancaster. A huge deciding factor into this name change was when schools began to boycott lacrosse games against Lancaster. That is what put the board over the edge and ultimately led to this decision.

Personally, I don’t give a fuck. I think they should still be the Redskins, but I am not on the board. Is it a racial slur? It all depends on who you ask. Instead of taking the name away, why don’t you educate the students on the Native Americans and their history. Nope. Let’s just get rid of the name and make a HUGE deal about it. I attended Canisius High School. I represented the Crusaders. Didn’t they kill a bunch of people? Who gives a shit!

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