Tanking Gone Wrong

Welp the Sabres won last night 4-3 over the Maple Leafs. That means the Sabres are on a two game win streak while the Coyotes are on a two game losing streak. The Buffalo win last night gives them just a two point lead on Arizona for last place in the NHL. Sabres fans cannot be happy. Both teams have five games remaining. Both teams close out the season on Saturday April 11th. The Sabres host the Penguins, while the Coyotes host Anaheim. Can you imagine, all of Buffalo tuned in to the Coyotes game, praying for a win. That would be crazy!

The fans are upset, the players are upset, and the media has to be loving this. I have not been to a Sabres game all season, but I will finally be in attendance Friday evening when the Sabres host the Blackhawks. You bet your ass I will be cheering for the Hawks. Do I care if i upset Matt Weber? Hell no! I am not a Sabres fan, but I am from Buffalo, so I somewhat have to care. For the players, this has to be frustrating. You are playing in front of some of the most loyal fans and they are cheering for you to lose. Can’t feel good. The Sabres are doing all they can do to finish in last. The scrubs that are on this team is ridiculous. Tim Murray has a plan. Lets hope the Sabres stick to it!

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