Chris Christie Is A Piece Of Shit

Bleacher Report – When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn’t hanging out with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Sundays during football season, it’s a good bet you can find him at the concession stands at MetLife Stadium.

Christie, who reportedly makes $175,000 per year, receives $95,000 in expense advances annually. Although some of that money may be put to good use, certain allocation of the funds should anger taxpayers.

According to an expense report obtained by Mark Lagerkvist of New Jersey Watchdog, Christie used his debit card on $82,594 worth of goods from Delaware North Sportservice—which runs the MetLife Stadium concession stands—during the 2010 and 2011 NFL seasons.

You read that right: $82,594.

christieI don’t really care where this fat ass got the money. It is more important about how much money he spent. Are you serious? What a fat piece of shit. When will this clown get fired?

Chris Christie, you are our Piece of Shit for the week!

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