Julius Hodge To Join UB Coaching Staff

hodgeNews broke today that former NBA first round pick Julius Hodge will be joining first year head coach Nate Oats at the University of Buffalo. This is a HUGE deal. The program has already lost the best head coach in the teams history in Bobby Hurley, and have lost two players who decided to follow Hurley to Arizona State. Hodge, who is 31, just finished a 10 year professional career playing with the Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, and most recently overseas. His responsibilities at UB will include assisting with the evaluation of video, development of practice and game schedules, game planning and acting as the academic and community liaison.

Hodge is the second former NBA players to join the staff along with Donyell Marshall. The former NC State Wolfpack earned ACC Player of the Year accolades in 2004. Two former NBA players on the UB coaching staff? What other MAC coaching staff has that? I am not even going to look but I am going to say zero. Danny White clearly knows what the fuck he is doing.

Oh what is that I hear? The Bulls are making a trip down to Duke for a game? Book it now! I’m going!

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