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How About This Dad Acting Like A Pussy

How about this kid saving the day! One of his younger brothers was going to be pelted with this home run ball. The father acted like a pussy and shielded himself because he was afraid of a baseball. The boy … Continue reading

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The Worst Little League Catcher Of All Time

I came across this video on a coworkers Facebook. He posted the video of his son playing catcher in his machine pitch league. The post was great, but the video is amazing. Is Lincoln playing catcher or doing a scene … Continue reading

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Junior Galette Is Fucked If That’s Him In This Video

You may ask yourself, who is Junior Galette? He is a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints and has had double digit sack number the past two seasons. A video was recently uploaded on a big black man suspected to be … Continue reading

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Love This Zack Hample Guy

The infamous MLB baseball collector caught Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000 hit last night as A-Rod hit a pop fly to right field at Yankee Stadium that made it over right field. Zack Hample made it pretty clear that he is not … Continue reading

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Dylann Roof’s Uncle Is Willing To Push The Button

Yahoo – The uncle of a 21-year-old man accused of opening fire inside a Charleston church — killing nine people — says he will “push the button myself” if his nephew receives the death penalty, which is legal in South … Continue reading

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A Woman To Appear On $10 Bill Come 2020

Wall Street Journal – For the first time in more than a century, a woman’s face will appear on an American bill. The Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will replace the main image of its own founder, Alexander Hamilton, on the … Continue reading

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This Kid Is A Huge Pussy After Swallowing A Ghost Pepper

It’s been a while since we have had a FOTW (Fail of the week) but this little bitch takes the cake. I myself have never tried a ghost pepper but c’mon, is it really that bad? This kid will never … Continue reading

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