The Worst Little League Catcher Of All Time

I came across this video on a coworkers Facebook. He posted the video of his son playing catcher in his machine pitch league. The post was great, but the video is amazing.

Is Lincoln playing catcher or doing a scene from happy Gilmore?
How awesome is that? There is a back story that needs to be told for this video. Lincoln, the catcher, actually plays in the T-Ball division, but was called up to machine pitch. The first time Lincoln ever caught for his T-Ball team, he did squat down like an actual catcher, but was not wearing a cup and caught two in nads. After being called up, he told his new coach that he wanted to try catcher. Well when Lincoln got the opportunity, he made sure he was not going to get hit in the dick again. I love how there is no effort made at all to try and catch the ball. Thank god you can’t steal after the ball crosses the plate or else it would be a merry-go-round.
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