Immediate Reactions Following Bills Loss To The Pats

I have got to be honest. I gave up late in the third quarter and decided to head to the gym. I was cruising on the bike when Brady fumbled and the defense fell on it. Quick score and the Bills were right back into it. Then there was an interception and that was it. Patriots 40. Bills 32.

A couple of things to take away from this week 2 loss against a divisional opponent.

  1. It is week 2. Super Bowls are not won in week 2 of the regular season.
  2. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. 14 penalties for 140 yards. Put some of this blame on Aaron Williams who acted like he has never played in a big game before.
  3. 160 rushing yards on 27 attempts (5.9ypc) isn’t bad at all. McCoy had 89 of those yards.
  4. Sammy Watkins finally had some receptions, 6, but when we needed him to make a play, he let the high pass go through his hands for an INT.
  5. Tom Brady and Tyrod Taylor both had 3 touchdown passes. Tyrod also had 3 interceptions. Brady had 0.
  6. There is no stopping Julian Edelman and Ron Gronkowski. 32 targets between the two for a total of 18 receptions for 210 yards and 3 touchdowns. That is better than a majority of wide out groups throughout the league.

Also, how pathetic was the crowd noise. Fans who donated money should request a refund. Bills fans at the game were what, 20 decibels short of what the Chiefs put up last year. Sure the Chiefs stadium is built for the loud noise, and they can hold about 7,000 more fans then the Ralph, but this is the Patriots. Show me something here!

I will end on this note. It is week 2 of the regular season. Chills #BillsMafia. We have another divisional game next Sunday against the Dolphins. Early prediction but I am going to have to roll with the Bills. They barely got past the Redskins and are on the cusp of losing to the Jaguars.

Here is to what should be an interesting week on WGR550 which is why I don’t listen to that shit.

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