Here Is To Hoping We Win Some Money This Weekend

Football season is awesome. It means you just sit on the couch all day Saturday and Sunday and watch everything football. The pre game shows which get better and better, the actual games, and then the post game shows. Football also means it is time to gamble, or throw your money away. After going 0-for in 2014, the 2015 season could not have come any sooner. What is worse? Going 3-1, or 0-4? Week 1 I went 3-1 (thank you Seattle). We took week 2 off as it was a challenging one, but week 3 brought us more opportunities.

Below is the card for week 3. On one card, we threw down $30 for a chance at $300 and picked four games. We went with the Bills, Steelers, Raiders, and Jets. Feeling pretty confident about those four games. Since Friday was pay day we said fuck it and threw down $10 more for a chance to win $450 picking 7 games. On this one, we took Oklahoma State, Nevada, Bills, Steelers, Raiders, Jets, and the Panthers. Drew Brees is out and the Panthers are at home. Lets make some money!

Let us know who you would take!


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