Rough Couple Past Days For CSC Security Guards

It has been a rough couple past days for “security guards” at football games. I put the parentheses around the word security guards, because these are bums from the street who are looking for some money. I know, because I was there during my college baseball days when we needed money to send us down to Florida.

We first got to witness a choke hold down in Dallas during the Cowboys and Panthers game. This die hard Panthers fan was just cheering on his team when some loser Cowboys fan went to security and told him to pipe down. This dude was seeing dollar signs every second his eyes were closed.

This video is a little bit better when it comes to viewing the choke hold.

And then today in the AAC championship game between Houston and Temple, two security guards took action into their own hands, and most likely will never be able to wear the CSC Event Staff uni ever again. These are just fucking awesome!

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