Teacher Gets 56 Years For Recording Kindergartners In Bathroom

ashlandASHLAND, Ohio — An Ashland County judge sentenced a former teacher to 56 years in prison for secretly recording kindergartners using a bathroom next to their classroom.

Elliot Gornall, 33, was sentenced Monday after pleading no contest in October to 181 counts, many of which involved the use of minors in nudity oriented material or performance. Gornall entered that plea intending to appeal a judge’s ruling that said images found on his computer were properly obtained and could be used as evidence.

What a sick fuck. How do you get off to kindergartners in the first place? Dude is 33, probably somewhat decent looking if he cleaned that beard up and got a hair cut. He could find some tail to help him with his issues. But c’mon man, to record 4 and 5 year old kids is just wrong. This asshole clearly gets our Piece of Shit for the week.

No doubt we see a Law and Order SVU episode about this incident. Olivia Benson is so hot. They question who put up the camera. Was it the teacher? Was in the janitor? Was it an older student? Olivia about to do work!

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