Marry Fuck Kill Lip Sync Battle Edition

Earlier this week, we had one of the most entertaining lip sync battles on LL Cool J’s hit show on Spike TV. The former bad boy invited fan favorite Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. I have to apologize because I had no clue about her, and she is absolutely sexy. Just take a look at her six pack and tell me you wouldn’t want that body. Take a look at this rendition of Pony by Ginuwine and tell me your mind wasn’t blown. Channing did not do too bad as Beyonce.

So after watching Jenna do her thing, it made me want to do dirty things to her. But then I got to thinking. There are three absolutely gorgeous women on this one episode. We have Jenna, Chrissy Tegien, and Beyonce. I have not done one of these in a while since the girls at work asked me, but we got to do a Marry, Fuck, Kill. Here we go…

Marry – Beyonce

I have always had a thing for Beyonce. An absolutely gorgeous black women with curves. Gimme some of that right now. You never hear about her in the news cheating on Jay-Z or anything like that. She knows who her man in, and will always be in bed waiting for me whenever I came home. Beyonce also seems like the perfect women to bring home to meet your parents. I do not even want to know what she can do in the bedroom.




Fuck – This what a tough one. Do I go with Chrissy or Jenna? Sorry Jenna, but you are brand new to me, I have to go with Chrissy. Just look at those tits bouncing around when she is jumping up and down in that DJ booth. Chrissy can do no wrong in my eyes in the bedroom. Johnny Legend is one lucky mother fucker.




Click here for NSFW Chrissy pic

Kill – Sorry Jenna, but like I mentioned above, you are just too new for me. You have a killer body and looks like you give A+ lap dances, but these other two women just trump you right now. That is all I got.





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