Is Steph Curry The GOAT?

After watching the highlights from last nights Thunder vs Warriors overtime thriller, if you are not on the Steph Curry bandwagon, it is time to hop on. The former Davidson legend who was to small to earn bigger offers, has been turning heads for the last two years. What makes this even better is that Curry has put up some ridiculous numbers the past week after Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson made some obscure comments about Curry and how the game has changed. Here is a snippet from the Big O’s conversation on how the way the game is played is responsible for Curry’s success:

He’s shot well because of what’s going on in basketball today. In basketball today, it’s almost like if you can dunk or make a 3-point shot, you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. … When I played years ago, if you shot a shot outside and hit it, the next time I’m going to be up on top of you. I’m going to pressure you with three-quarters, half-court defense. But now they don’t do that. … [Modern-day teams] run one play. Well, maybe two plays. They’ve got a high-pick with the center, then the shooters run baseline trying to get open with blocks from the forwards. I mean that’s it. You don’t see hardly any reverse plays at all, no double screens, no weak side and whatnot.

Maybe the game has passed Big O as I saw the Warriors run a set play where Draymond Green caught a pass on the foul line and got Klay Thompson with a bat cut for an easy lay up to tie up the game in overtime. And in regards to Big O’s comments about picking up players at half court, there is now way Andre Roberson would be able to stay in front of Curry, so instead he sagged up to the three point line. We all know how that worked out.


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