Last Night Was Such A Disappointment

Last night sucked. It was an evening full of losses. What’s even worse is I had to stay up until 1:30am to witness the last one.

johnsonIt all began on senior night at Cameron Indoor Stadium where the Dukies just simply got outmanned on the boards. North Carolina had 64 rebounds to Dukes 29. UNC had 27 offensive rebounds alone, and Brice Johnson who had another monster game collected 21 rebounds all by himself. Duke lost 76-72 and once again it was only the villain Grayson Allen who wanted to show up. Allen finished with 29 points, but fouled out late. The sophomore sure got his shots up, going just 11-28 from the field. The next villain in line, Luke Kennard finished with 20 points. Not sure why Chase Jeter even sees the floor. In 7 minutes, the freshman grabbed just one rebound and had one turnover. He can transfer out if he wants to. It still blows my mind why Sean Obi doesn’t see more burn. When he was at Rice, he averaged just over 11 points and 9 rebounds a game. Sure it was Rice and against Conference USA opponents, but I am sure he can produce more than Jeets.

It was then off to watch the UFC fights which were boring as hell. The first three fights on the card all went the full 3 rounds with not much blood or serious attacks. It was a complete snooze fest. I should have taken a nap, When we finally got to the two main events, Holly Holm had it in the bag until she screwed up with 2 minutes remaining. So as much as everyone was looking to see Holly and Ronda go at it again, we will get to watch this…


Now the real fight everyone was looking forward to. Connor McGregor against Nate Diaz. After Rafael Dos Anjos broke his foot just two weeks before the fight, McGregor needed a replacement and Diaz stepped in. Only problem was Diaz was in a separate weight class, and McGregor added 23 pounds.  We were all entertained by the press conference and the shit talking going back and forth. That is something McGregor thrives at and Diaz showed us he wasn’t afraid to back down.

The fight came, and Connor had the first round in the bag. Diaz had a nice cut above his right eye. In the second round, Diaz got a solid jab to the jaw and it went all down hill for the man from Ireland. That cocky son of a bitch soon became so woozy and was wobbling all over the court before he got choked out and tapped out after it seemed like just one second.

Now did McGregor even care about this fight since it had no impact on his belt? We will never know for sure, but McGregor sure got his ass whooped. For walking in so confidently, and all the smack talk pre fight, it was nice to see someone sent back to reality. Will he learn from this? Probably not. I am ok with that because he is an entertainer and that is what he does for a living. Now in regards to me watching another UFC fight ever again, I may watch the Jon Jones vs Cormier fight as that looks like it has potential to see some actual fighting.

P.S. My Red Sox lost to the Yankees in spring training action and A-Rod went 2-2.

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