Zack Hample is a Piece of Shit


Last night, Fayetteville, North Carolina played host to a historic event in not only Major League Baseball but all of sports. Fort Bragg, the largest military base in the world with more than 50,000 active duty personnel, hosted Sunday Night Baseball between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins. It was a first of its kind and was a memorable night not only for the players but also for the fans in attendance. The game was meant to be attended by military personnel and family. It was not open to the casual fan. However, Zack Hample (@Zack_Hample), or better known as “the ball collector”, somehow managed to attend and snagged 11 baseballs.

This piece of shit offered to pay $1,000 for a ticket, but was given one after a military member’s girlfriend, who does not like baseball, chose not to go. Hample got in, started posting pictures, and when the backlash began, he tweeted the following,

Only $100 per ball. How about $1,000 per ball? What about, $10,000. Or even better yet, you should not even have attended and should be banned by MLB and commish Rob Manfred for life. Twitter was on fire last night. All you had to do was search “Zack_Hample piece” and you were bound to like most all of them. This was a disgusting act by a 38 year old kid who pushed little kids in order to catch a home run ball. Time to grow up Hample.

It blows my mind that this Rays fan gets kicked out of a game for jumping on a tarp to grab a foul ball, but yet Hample gets in and stays for an entire game that he should never have attended. Time for MLB and Manfred to lay the hammer on this piece of shit.

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