My Thoughts On KD Leaving For The Bay

Let’s be honest. You probably don’t give a fuck about my thoughts on Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City for the bay, but I am going to give it to you anyways.


Kevin Durant is a grown ass man. He can do whatever he so chooses to do, and because he was a free agent, it gave him even more power. LeBron won his first title at 27. MJ won his first title at 28. Durant will be 28 in September. He is 0-1 in NBA Finals, and was just up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals. People can say Russell Westbrook and KD are like brothers, but lets be honest. On the floor, it just wasn’t going to work. Two superstars who felt they needed the ball in the clutch (Westbrook more times than KD). “Oh, but KD is going to work with Steph and Klay?” Absofuckinglutely. Steph and Klay proved they can share the ball. With Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut gone, that frees up 13-14 shot attempts per game.  Of course KD will need more, but that means less for Klay and Steph.

Some people are comparing LeBron departing Cleveland to KD leaving OKC. It’s not even close. LeBron carried those early Cavaliers teams by himself. He had no support. LBJ was playing with the likes of Ramon Sessions, Jamario Moon, JJ Hickson, Delonte West, and an old Shaq. Durant on the other hand was playing with a top 10 player in the league in Westbrook, along with Serge Ibaka, and Steven Adams. The Warriors were up 3-1 in the Conference Finals. Durant like LeBron was chasing a ring(s). If anyone needs to be criticized more for joining a super team, it should definitely be Durant.

Good for Durant though. He knows what is important and that is chasing rings. If you want to be considered one of the greatest, you need to have the hardware. Want to know why Malone, Barkley, and Ewing are not considered in the top 10?  No rings. Durant is a top 3 player in the league right now, and will be for 5-6 more years. He knows there is a window and it is closing. The DMV native is on a mission and that is for a ring. Who knows, maybe after one or two he will return to OKC, or even better yet, Seattle…

Lastly, Stephen A. Smith should just shut the fuck up.

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