Is It Time To Embrace The Tank Bills Fans?

Photo courtesy of Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Photo courtesy of Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If the Sabres could tank, then why can’t the Bills? Our head coach just fired out offensive coordinator after we gave up 37 points and allowed two wide receivers to gain over 100 yards and a running back to run for over 100. Head scratcher there.  But seriously though, what will 6-10 or 5-11 get you? 5-11 would have granted you picks 5-7 in the 2016 NFL draft and pick 7 in the 2015 NFL draft.

We all know what the Bills need, and that is a franchise quarterback. The 2017 draft does not have a Cam Newton or an Andrew Luck, but there is still talent that the Bills can build a round. Heisman hopeful Deshaun Watson is the top overall quarterback on the early big board, followed by Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer, and Buffalo own Chad Kelly from Ole Miss. With the Bills having the team option to bring back Taylor for 2017, it might be worth it to strive for the worst record and snag one of those quarterbacks at the top of the draft.

Oh so you are going to complain how we are going to waste the talent of Sammy Watkins, or LeSean McCoy if the Bills tank. Who gives a fuck? The Bills are not making the playoffs this year, and there will be plenty of players the Bills can go after to replace them. Plus, next season, it will almost be like the Bill have two first and second round picks when Shaq Lawson returns, and Reggie Ragland returns for 2017.

So Bills fans, follow us as we embrace the tank for the Bills. And if that means firing Rex and Rob, and Russ, and Doug, then we are totally cool with that as well.

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