Yankees Proposal Fail

It is only Wednesday morning but we already have our Fail Of The Week. Last night during the Yankees Red Sox game in the Bronx, a once single man decided to propose to his girlfriend in the bleachers. He paid the $500 to the Yankees to have it displayed on the big screen, and when he was getting ready to do it, he dropped the ring, and we had to wait almost 10 minutes before he found it.

A couple of notes here. This guy brought it in in the box and somehow still managed to drop it and almost lose it. Now I must admit, I proposed to my wife at a Cleveland Indians baseball game, but I did not pay to have it broadcast live. I took the ring out of the box and had it just sitting in my pockets for 6 innings before I felt it was time. Take a look at how yours truly proposed.


That is a Coors Light can. I tweeted at Coors Light asking for free beer for a year but never heard back. I asked my girl to open the beer for me and that is what she saw. The two guys behind us must have realized because they caught on pretty quickly and started hooting and hollering. It was a pretty special moment. We were in Cleveland to watch her favorite team the Indians with her dad, uncle, and grandpa. Was I nervous? Not nervous enough to drop the ring and look like an idiot.

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