Chad Kelly Is A Piece of Shit


With the Ole Miss Rebels on a bye week, Chad Kelly decided to return home to Buffalo for the weekend. Bad decision for Chad. The Ole Miss quarterback was at his younger brothers football game tonight as they took on Bishop Timon St. Jude. Chad’s younger brother Casey is the starting quarterback for St. Joes as a sophomore. After taking a cheap shot, both teams got into it and had to be separated which led to a suspension for the remainder of the game. Why is Chad Kelly a piece of shit? Take a look at the video below courtesy of Tom Martin from Channel Four news here in Buffalo.

Seriously? You are going to attack high schoolers? What the fuck is he wearing? Chad Kelly is a mess and gives Buffalo, New York a bad name. Chad Kelly should stay out of Buffalo like Patrick Kane and never come back. Are people going to give him a pass? Probably since he is Jim Kelly’s nephew. But then again, Jim wasn’t a saint. Jim may have been even worse. Jim was a wife beater and did his fair share of drugs. Check out this text message between a friend of mine and his father.


So at the end of the day, Chad Kelly is white trash, a scum bag and a disgrace to the city of Buffalo.

Here are Chad Kelly’s other success stories.

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