Bills vs Seahawks MNF Preview

Sundays are just so boring when the Bills do not play. Yesterday I went into the office to clean up some long overdue emails, came home to watch some mediocre professional football, went to a quick family birthday party, and fell asleep halfway through The Walking Dead. Half of that can be blamed on my two month old walking me up at 5am every morning, or that I needed me rest to try and stay up for the Bills Monday night game! Lets go with the latter.

The last time these two teams met was back in 2012 when the Bills were forced to play a home game in Toronto. It was ugly and the Bills lost 50-17. The Seahawks lead the overall series with a record of 7-5. The Bills last win was eight years ago in 2008 season opener. Marshawn Lynch was still a member of the Bills and Roscoe Parrish and Robert Royal both had touchdowns for Buffalo.

The Bills are playing in their second prime time game this season. It only took the NFL 10 plus years to make that happen. After their loss to the Patriots in week 8, the Bills now sit at 4-4 and riding a two game losing streak. With the AFC East out the window, it is down to the Wild Card like the last 16 seasons. There is still hope, but a third loss in a row would be a huge blow to those chances. I have come across a couple of blogs where they try to tell me what the Bills need to do in order to make the playoffs. They need to run the ball better, get the defense off the field on third downs, and get healthy. That’s great and all. How about you just fucking win. Do whatever you need to do to win a god damn football game.

The Seahawks are good. It helps when you play in a weak division. Russell Wilson is a little banged up with a knee and ankle injury, but he will play. Last year during the second half of the season, Wilson had some of the best ratings in the NFL, and he will look to try to do the same this second half. Seattle is undefeated at home this year with a 3-0 record. The Bills are 3-0 against the NFC West in 2016. Something has to give. The Seahawks are near the bottom in the NFL ranking 29th in rushing yards per game, averaging 81.4 yard per game. In the passing game, Wilson has his three favorite targets in Jimmy Graham, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. The Bills secondary was burned by Tom Brady and company last week, hopefully Gilmore and Darby worked some things out.

The Bills once again have the best ground game in the league thanks to LeSean Mccoy. However, with a nagging hamstring injury, it will be interesting to see what type of impact Shady will have on the game if any. McCoy was ineffective against the Dolphins, and did not play against the Patriots. Now would it be smart to sit him out one more week with the bye week next Sunday, giving him the extra week off? Tough to say. Are you ok going 4-5, but possibly having a 100% McCoy for the rest of the season? Every game matters, but if you are without your best offensive weapon, then the Bills have no chance.

So after reading all of that, the Bills will win 27-21 because why not. You need to keep the hope alive!

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